How To Bury Elephants.


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This is addressed to those who really want to know how it all works. 

Controversies of Science@controscience made a Twitter post as follows:


Dec 30, 2019

This is an incredible review of the polar evidence for a large-scale slaughter of mammoths + many other creatures now frozen in the permafrost. This is the event which made the mammoths extinct. It was obviously both sudden + catastrophic.

 In that post he referred to the book found at the following site:

Perhaps like yourself, I was aware of the general concept of whole elephants and other creatures snap frozen under the ice in Siberia but had no idea of the details.

The Alaskan Muck book referenced above was an eye-opener to me and led me to consider just what cataclysmic forces could have caused such a dramatic outcome.

For your interest and comment I have detailed my initial thoughts on how the planet Earth could have suffered in the way necessary for its waters, land and creatures to be thrown about like so many toys.


Slip-Sliding Away.

Imagine a massive rotating magnetized body with a variously attached 'skin' of dense, largely non-magnetic material.

Subjecting that body to an overwhelmingly intense external magnetic field (1) that is not aligned in polarity with the field of the rotating magnetic body will cause the
magnetized material of that body to overcome its gyroscopic inertia, causing it to physically turn to come into alignment with the external field, and to alter its plane of rotation as dictated by that alignment.

 Not directly affected by the external magnetic field, the inertia of the dense 'skin' of the rotating body will cause it to break free from the underlying magnetic material, with variations in material, density and distribution of the 'skin' matter causing a violently disruptive redistribution of this material.

Due to  friction between the 'skin' and the underlying material the skin will have a lagging tendency to follow the movement direction of the magnetic core.

Such a tendency will conflict with the previous direction of surface movement in a chaotic manner, possibly causing it to briefly remain rotationally stationary or even reverse its surface direction prior to synchronizing its rotational alignment with that of the magnetic core.

A massive electromagnetic eruption from the sun may cause such an event for the Earth.

A powerful magnetic field (electric current) ejected from the sun will briefly and dramatically influence the Earth as described as it passes through the planet's orbit.

If the Earth's normal magnetic alignment is determined by quiescent solar electromagnetic fields it is anticipated that the planetary field will return to that alignment as other influences abate.

This could be expected to cause further disruption to the surface of the planet as it turns once again to its normal plane of rotation.

(1) induced by the flow of an electric current

Having subsequently watched the video:


I find the case for a solar cause of such catastrophes to be a convincing one.

Thank you to:

Controversies of Science@controscience




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for telling all of us about this.