Dreams dead?

Detecting drab, destitute destiny?

Dreading dark, drifting days?

Desiring death?

Don't distress,

Days duly depart.

Defer dust's day.

Don't dodge difficult doors,

Demand due determination.

Despising despair,

Discharge disappointment.

Dare defeat.

Dash dauntlessly down

Dangerous declines,

Dispelling depression's desperate declivity.

Don't dilly-dally

Discovering diligence.

Dare discomfort

Defrauding devil's deleterious designs.

Deflate damnation’s devitalizing disillusionment,

Dethrone detested dark deities.

Develop dialectic detergents,

Defeating diabolical

Determinism dialogue.

Defy dice driven dispositions.

Determine different directions

Disallowing dilettante disarray.

Divert disaster,

Discarding diseased discontent.

Disrobe disruptive divarications.

Don't dignify desultory deeds.

Divine draftsman decreed

Dualism's durability.

Dungeons disintegrate!

Agnosco Ignis

26 January 1995

deviate – change direction

defeated – beaten, overwhelmed

detecting – discovering

drab – dull, monotonous, dreary

destitute – lacking what is required (or wanted)

destiny – preordained future

dreading - fearing

duly - properly

defer - put off, delay

dodge - avoid

determination - judgement and resolution

despair – deep unhappiness or sadness, the blues

discharge - get rid of

dauntlessly - fearlessly, adventurously

declines - slopes

dispelling - driving away

declivity - descent

dilly-dally - vacillate, delay

diligence - persistence

defrauding – cheating

deleterious - harmful

designs - schemes, plans

deflate - flatten

damnation – hell

devitalizing - energy sapping

disillusionment – awareness of unpleasant realities

dethroning - removing from power

detested – hated

deity – god

dark deity - devil

dialectic - (use of) logical argument

detergents - cleansing agents

diabolical - satanic, evil

determinism - theory that we do not decide our actions

dialogue - contention, position

dice driven - determined by luck

dispositions - tendencies, inclinations

determine - decide on

disallowing - prohibiting

dilettante - dabbler, trifler

disarray - confusion, disorder

divert - turn aside

disrobe - uncover, reveal

disruptive - interrupting, shattering

divarication – divergence, branching off

dignify - support, promote

desultory - aimless, erratic

divine draftsman – God

decreed - ordained

dualism - the existence of good and evil

dungeons - prisons

disintegrate - fall apart

DEVIATE - Change your direction.

Do you feel that life is hopeless and that unrewarding days stretch meaninglessly toward your final hour? That you have no control over your life? Does this destroy your will to live?

Overcome your pain and understand that the end of your life will come soon enough. Put it off for as long as you can.

Accept the challenge of situations you find difficult and take command of your own direction rather than being dictated to by events.

Do not allow events in your life to control your mind and emotions.

Do things that you are afraid to do!

The thrill of overcoming your fears by confronting them will raise you from the downward slope of self defeat.

Don't waste time taking charge of your life and your future through self discipline. Do it now!

Don't be put off by the difficulties involved. They are a deliberate barrier designed to make your eventual freedom of real value (if you overcome the obstacles).

Use logic to clean away the thought that you have no control over what happens to you. Understand that you control the effect life has on you. The events themselves only have the power over you that you allow them to have.

Don't be defeated. The decision is yours!

Don't allow 'luck' to control your life.

Instead of trying to do a little of everything,decide what you want out of life and take responsibility for achieving it!

Merely being discontented will achieve nothing but unhappiness.

Be aware that jumping from subject to subject is unlikely to result in satisfying achievement. Decide on your main life goals and plan for reaching them!

You will pass from the physical to what lies beyond. Death will come!

Make good use of your time here.

All too soon you will be released from the 'prison' of this life.

And the dead know nothing.