Century, come century,

Creation’s children

Charted Capricorn’s

Celestial course,

Correctly calculating

Consistently cyclic conditions.

Contemplating Creation’s cause,

Convincing charlatan clerics


Countless catastrophe cautious clients,

Claiming competent computation’s conclusions

Clearly confirmed

Clergy’s celestial compact.

Carefully crafted concocted chronologies

Catalogued causative concepts

Conferring cornucopia’s comely countenance.

Civilization’s commanders,

Correctly concluding

Creation’ consequences

Could convert countless ‘criminals’,

Conveniently cutting corresponding corrective costs,

Collaborated covertly;

Cleverly contriving

Compulsory contributions

Circumventing cash competition.

Christ came,

Contradicting countless conventional conclusions;

Condemning coin contaminated churches;

Corroborating corruption’s calamitous cost;

Confirming cheating’s consequent culmination;

Challenging ceremonial complexity;

Confounding canny challengers claiming cacology;






Confronting complacency;

Counselling continual courage combating corporeal caducity;

Congratulating compassion;

Commending charity;

Cherishing children;

Conveying comforting certainty.

Christ’s ‘cantata’ completed;

Citizenry’s circus clamouring chill consequences;

Clemency considered Caesar’s commodity;

Caliban’s chosen Calvary candidate

Crowned callously,

Culminating Canaan’s craven campaign.

Cup consumed.

Christ’s caricatures

Commenced careers communicating confused concepts;

Callously conducting crimson crusades.

Critical convert ‘captains’ condemned conjecture,

Calling contrary conclusions, ‘crime’.

Cathedral candles chimneyed calmly.

Centuries continued.

Comfortably chubby cloistered clerics

Cadenced chapel canticles

Celebrating Creator’s Courier’s coming.

Choirs ‘credoed’ canorously.

Chalices clanged campanalogically.

Crapulent, cassock clad celibate celebrants

Chanted cacophonous cadences.

Cardinal convocations contrived convoluted canon.


Customers conclude covenants

Clearly craving contravention,

Confident confession confers

Completely clear consciences.

Conditions condoning contumacious conduct!

Critics cross-examine Creation’s certitude,

Canard-classifying Carpenter’s cause,

Cynically criticizing credulous crowds

Clutching credo crutches.

Clever critics chant:-

Chaos’ cumulative cunning causes complex convergence.”

Creative coalescence continually contrives complex chemicals.”

Can’t capricious coulomb charged combinations

Create chance cellular creatures?”

Couldn’t cells collide, clump, combine continually,

Causing coherent complexity?”

Can complexity cause consciousness?

Can capacious convoluted consciousness

Contain calculus capable cerebral capacity?

Choose carefully!!!

Creationist converts claim

Cecity can cause continually consuming cremation!

Agnosco Ignis

11 September 1996

C - dictionary

CHARTED - mapped

Capricorn - a group of stars

celestial course - path across the sky

cyclic – recurring in cycles, repetitive

charlatan – cheating person

compact - contract, agreement

concocted - made up, contrived

chronologies - dating systems

causative concepts - notions, ideas about origins

conferring - assigning, designating

cornucopia - horn of plenty, natures bounty

comely - beautiful, attractive

countenance – face

collaborated - conspired

covertly - secretly, furtively

contriving - devising, inventing

circumventing - evading, eluding

corroborating - verifying

calamitous - disastrous, fatal

culmination - conclusion, outcome

confounding – baffling

canny - astute, wise

cacology - bad choice of words

cacodoxy - incorrect doctrine

chastening - correcting

censuring – criticizing

chiding - reprimanding

castigating – rebuking

cautioning – admonishing, warning

confronting – opposing

complacency - apathy, indifference

counselling - advising

corporeal caducity - life's fleeting nature

cantata - song

chill – unpleasant, distressing

carnal - worldly

clemency - mercy, forgiveness

commodity – thing, possession

caliban - bestial man

Calvary – crucifiction place

culminating – concluding

Canaan - Palestine

craven – cowardly

caricatures - imperfect copies

concepts – ideas

conjecture – speculation, opinion

cloistered – secluded

cadenced - rhythmically intoned

canticles - short hymns

credoed - intoned in ritual format

canorously - melodiously, resonantly

chalices - drinking vessels

campanalogically - like bells

crapulent - drunken

cassock - long tunic worn by clergy

celibate - chaste

celebrants – priests

chanted - sang monotonously

cacophonous – inharmonious

cadences - rhythms

cardinal - chief priest

convocation - congress, meeting

contrived - fabricated, made up

convoluted - intricate, perplexing

canon - church law

conclude - resolve, make

covenants – promises

craving - desiring

contravention – violation

confers - bestows

condoning – pardoning, overlooking

contumacious - undisciplined

cross-examine – question

certitude - certainty

canard – hoax

cause – belief, principle

credulous - trusting, believing

credo-crutches - use of faith or belief as a prop or support

chaos – formless matter

cunning – ingenuity

convergence - meeting, joining

coalescence - coming together

contrives - devises, concocts

capricious – freakish

coulomb charged - electrified

coherent - organized, cooperative

capacious - large

convoluted - complex

calculus - mathematics

cerebral - intellectual

cecity – blindness

CHOICES [The decision is ours.]

Long ago the careful observation of seasonal changes including the passage of the stars in the sky at night revealed to the more perceptive of people that such things are predictable.

The ability to ‘prophesy’ future events based on this secret knowledge permitted claims of a close relationship with the gods to be made by the privileged few in possession of this information. The need to substantiate these claims in the face of questioning required the ‘revelation’ of how the heavens and the earth came about and provided a further opportunity to cement the position of the ‘chosen’ few.

Life was dangerous, and cautions people were eager to cling to the hope of the reduced risk of catastrophe promised by the wise men. The rulers of the land were not always completely fooled however, but collaborated with the ‘clerics’ as they were only too pleased to take advantage of this tool to control the behavior of the people.

Time passed.

Ancient clerical prediction foretold the arrival of a Christ, or savior, but when he duly appeared his teachings failed to correspond precisely with current religious practice in various embarrassing respects.

When the wisest among the challenged clerics found themselves unable to prove the Christ in error they campaigned to have him eliminated by stirring up the populace against his reported shortcomings.

Subsequent to the removal of their teacher from the scene, the followers of the Christ set about spreading what they understood to be his teachings throughout the earth. Unfortunately their grasp of the fundamentals was considerably less than perfect and when coupled with their personal preferences this led to the spreading of concepts which were a ridiculous parody of what had been intended.

More time passed.

The ‘Christian’ religious construct continued for centuries, regularly becoming more subject to interpretation as further detail was added to ‘the law’.

Although many things were proscribed, ‘followers’ of the creed found themselves able to indulge in the most unacceptable of behavior, either in the name of the church itself or in the knowledge that forgiveness could be subsequently claimed, often being purchased materially or by self-punishment.

Independent thinkers among the people eventually gained the freedom to express contrary views and even challenged the tenet that the Christian God had created the universe. They claimed that a natural and scientific explanation could be found for everything without the need for a creator.

They have been warned that blindness to ‘the truth’ will have most unpleasant consequences however.