Bright but brash Basil,

Boyish business buccaneer

Bought budget butcher's

Bovine body bits.

Built busy basement

Barbecue bar.

Bolstered business

By baking boned bandicoot,

Browned bittern breast,

Bantam banquets.

Boldly breached bylaws

Banning boiled brumby behind,

Bush boar bacon.

Borrowed big.

Began buying barbershops;

Bakeries bringing bulk bread

By basketloads;

Big bulging bushel bun bags

Brought by burly bearded blokes.

Bought barn between

Brother's bedding bazaar buildings,

Behind bilingual bicycle builder's,

Beside bank.

Brought bargain barley

By bargeloads.

Began brewing beer.

Became booze baron

By bottling brandy.

Brave brigand bachelor's

Bustling business

Became byword.


Bold businessman began blundering.

Befriended Bacchus.

Became bedevilled by baubles.

Began betting.

Blew boodle by bundles.

Bank balance began

Backward beat

Beyond beggary.

Bubble burst by brandy binge's barb,

Bankruptcy's broad brink beckoning,

Beleaguered bellicose businessman,

Bemoaning beloved belongings,

Became broodingly belligerent

Beyond belief.

Bitterly bewildered;

Believing betrayed,

Besotted beggar

Began berating blameless bystanders.

Bitterly bemoaning birth,

Belittling bishops,


Bilked by beverages,

Beaten by booze-

Bottle borne bondage.

Brought before bar

By big balding bailiffs,

Basil behaved badly.

Beautiful barrister banned bail,

Believing badness beatable

By basic beneficial behavior.

Beholding barrister's beauty,

Basil became bewitched;

Banished bad behavior

But became bashful.

Beyond benign but bleak bondage,


Began babbling banal ballads

Beneath barrister's balcony;

Baritoned baroque banjo ballads

Blessing Basil's

Beautiful benefactor.


Basil blurted

Blarney bequeathed


Brilliant banter began

Breaking believed barriers,

Building befriendment,

Bringing breathless betrothal.

Beating Bacchanalia,

Bad boy Basil blossomed.

Berserker beast banished

Beneath bountiful blonde benefactor's


Betrothal Banns behind,

Bridal bedlam barely banished,

Belatedly bedding beau's bliss

Brought bouncing baby boy's bellowing birth,


Bairn bric-a-brac,



Believing birth beneath

Bush-burlap blankets


Blemished business bounty,

Blessed being born.

Agnosco Ignis

26 January 1995

B - dictionary:

BRASH – impertinent, bold

bandicoot - Any of various agile ratlike terrestrial marsupials of Australia

buccaneer – pirate

bovine – of cattle

bolstered – aided

bittern – a type of bird

brumby – a wild horse

bilingual – speaking two languages

brigand – highway robber, bandit

byword – commonly known

blundering – making mistakes

Bacchus - Greek god of wine

bedeviled - bewitched

baubles – pretty but worthless objects

boodle - money

beat - sailing against the wind

beggary - extreme poverty

barb – spike, point

brink – edge of steep place (cliff for example)

bellicose – eager to fight

besotted – stupefied, muddled

berating – scolding, telling off

bilked – cheated

banal – trivial, commonplace, silly

baroque – ornate 17th century music

blarney - a stone said to give the gift of persuasive speech

bequeathed – given

blandishments – flattering or cajoling words

banter – playfully teasing talk

betrothal – engagement to marry

boon – reward

bedlam – noisy uproar and confusion

banished – sent away

beau – lover

bliss – ecstatic happiness