Ample authentic and amusing anecdotes

Attest astounding attenuated-attire attractions.

Ancestral adults admired ankles.

Atrophied authoritarian aunts

Analyzed 'animal' anatomical awareness

And abolished any 'aberrations'

Aflaming 'antisocial' activity

(Anachronistic attitudes, angering

Artists avowing austere asexuality).

Ages ago, anything alluring

And advancing arousal,

Anyone advocating amorous attitudes

Awakening awful and accursed ardor

And attracting arrant audience appraisal

Achieved abundant abuse as amoral.

Attacking any attempt at attending

Auditions availing an 'atrocious' atmosphere,

Autonomously appointed arbiters

Apprehended anybody applauding

Astray apparel and

Artfully adorning articles.

Arrogantly assuming ascendancy and

Ascribing aseptic apocryphal attitudes

As Almighty Allah's announcement,

All avowed apropos ambassadors adopted

Avenging attitudes as an avocation,

Automatically attributing

Architect approved approaches

As anomalous abominations.


Anyman after Adam's appearance

Acquires an absolute and absorbing attraction

Admitted among all accurate afflicted.

Adrenaline affluent adolescents,

Aggrieved against adverse advice

And admonishments,

Advance anyhow.

Avidly alluring accomplices

Apply all allocated alchemy,

Aiding and abetting

Already aroused ambitions,

Artificially adopting apparent ambivalence

As an aphrodisiac.

Appetites are apparently

Arbitrarily apportioned and

Arousals aren't asked,

As assumed amid askance assayers.

Astute angels are aware,

And approach appropriately,

Aiming arrows and arranging

Armaments and artillery apace.

After an apparent apprenticeship,

Amorous activity appears appreciably

An appendage, and arousal,

Artfully avoided.

Allowing asymmetric amorous aversion

Astirs average atheists

And avatars alike,

Assuring agitation

And asperity,

An avenue

Awaiting an attorney.

After anguished amorous alienation,

Altruistic applicants attain amelioration

Aping apathy,

Adopting anything as an antidote,

Applying aptitudes at administration,

Accomplishing audacious achievements,

Acquiring astral answers and assurances.

Aesthetic abstention,

Attracting accolades

And approbation 'Above'.


An anesthetic alcohol affinity,

Accompanying alopecia;


An aneurism.

Although abhorrent and an absolute affront,

Adulterous acts allegedly add

Armament against aridity amidst

Amatory alienation

After altar avowed availability.

Adoring and ardent admirers

Agitate an already adverse association

And adulterous affairs aggravate

An already agonized affiliation,

And are anathema.

Anyway, apocalyptic anxiety aside,

And apprehension apart,

'Adams' are always aroused anew

Anytime and anywhere

Allah's apothecary allows!

Anger and anguish accompany

Anticipating anything

As an alternative!

Agnosco Ignis

22 January 1995


ATTEST– affirm, testify

attenuated – reduced in size

atrophied - dried up

anatomy – physical structure of body

aberration – deviation (from what is proper)

aflaming – inflaming

anachronistic – old fashioned, out of date

avowing – declaring, claiming

austere – rigorous, stringent

asexual – celibate, chaste

advocating – promoting, supporting

ardor - passion

arrant – very thorough

appraisal – analysis, evaluation

amoral – depraved, lacking in morals

availing - aiding, promoting

autonomous – acting on their own behalf

arbiters – judges

adorning – ornamenting

ascendancy - authority

ascribing - assigning

aseptic – pure

apocryphal – biblical (but of dubious authenticity)

avowed – self confessed

'apropos ambassadors' - those who decide what is appropriate or befitting

avocation – profession

architect – designer (God)

anomalous - abnormal, peculiar, strange

accurate – truthful

aggrieved – irritated, annoyed

admonishments – warnings

avidly – enthusiastically, eagerly

alluring – seductive, erotically appealing,

accomplices – conspirators, allies

allocated – allotted, assigned

alchemy – magic

abetting - encouraging

ambivalence - conflicting feelings

arbitrarily – capriciously, whimsically

askance - suspiciously viewing

assayers - evaluators, judges

apace – on the run

appreciably – largely, substantially

appendage – an accessory, not essential

asymmetric – unbalanced, one-sided

aversion – dislike, antipathy

avatar - deity in human form

asperity - ill temper

altruistic – unselfish

amelioration - improvement

aping – imitating

apathy – disinterest

audacious – recklessly bold

astral – heavenly

aesthetic – beautiful

abstention – abstaining from (avoiding) pleasure

accolades - praise

approbation – approval

alopecia - loss of hair, baldness

aneurism – heart damage

abhorrent – causing disgust or horror

affront – upsetting or offending

allegedly – supposedly, it is claimed

aridity – bleakness, emptiness

amidst – in, in the middle of

amatory – relating to love or love making

ardent – full of enthusiasm

affiliation – joining together

anathema – detested, loathed, cursed by God or the Church

ALLURE [Attraction]

There are plenty of accurate and funny stories which support the idea that skimpy female clothing is seen as incredibly attractive.

Any normally hidden part of the female body attracts masculine attention. Even the forbidden flash of a well turned ankle was admired by our grand-fathers in the early 20th century.

Dried up old women pass judgement on male interest in the female body, deciding that it is unnatural and leads to behavior of which they do not approve. These are of course old fashioned ideas which annoy artists - who give their solemn word that their interest in naked models is stringently moral and non-sexual.

Since early times there have been people who heaped heavy abuse on any woman who attempted to attract the sexual interest of men, and to do anything which would lead to their arousal.

These people set themselves up as authorities on what is correct behavior for others and take to task anyone who enjoys the idea of revealing clothing or articles cleverly designed to enhance attraction.

They believe that they are speaking with divine authority when, considering themselves experts on what is right and proper, they denounce as loathsome what God has designed.

Unfortunately for these crusaders every normal man, whether he admits it or not, cannot help but be attracted in that way and despite widespread criticism, begins to respond to female allure at an early age.

Females of the species, responding to the same rules of creation, use all their natural charms to encourage their suitors, even pretending disinterest to increase the attraction.

It appears that the degree of interest in such things varies randomly within the population but despite what the self appointed judges think, men do not decide to be involved.

Clever girls know what they are dealing with and make maximum use of their gifts to ensure an appropriate outcome.

Marriage in many cases is reported to reduce feminine interest in alluring behavior however and all sorts of opportunities are found to avoid the previously sought attention.

Such one sided disinterest has a similar effect on good and evil men alike. It makes them tense and bad tempered and if continued often leads to divorce.

In many cases good men, denied the physical aspects of a loving relationship, will convince themselves that it is not important to them, often expending their energies on business or sporting activities - or even deciding that self denial in such things is what God requires.

Those who perhaps lack the same abilities or self discipline can become drunkards, age rapidly, end up with a heart attack or commit suicide.

While no excuses are acceptable for adultery, many men have found the arms of another woman to renew their interest in a life made otherwise untenable by the breaking of marriage’s unspoken promise.

These men seem to have no difficulty finding willing partners for their affairs but this outcome only serves to make the underlying situation worse.

Anyway, even if we are damned forever and really worried about it, the situation is essentially beyond our control. God created the chemistry to which we respond.

Anyone who expects things to be otherwise is doomed to disappointment to say the very least.